Flowers - for that Frida-esque touch and strength

January 19, 2017

I have always loved the idea of flowers in my hair; when I was very little I used to make flower crowns from common daisies with my friends - and also when I still wore the full vintage look I always tried to find a way to wear flowers in my hair, which, luckily, was a popular thing to do in the 1940s.

I still like to draw a lot of inspiration from bygone era's for my look these days, and Frida Kahlo, considered a bohemian in her days, is often one of them. I have evangelized my admiration for Frida Kahlo a lot before; the way she tried to fight through her daily and painful struggles and her deep and meaningful art (even though normally, I am not a huge fan of surrealism) in this post and also mused about her in this post where I showcased a dress with her print on it. Well, what can I say? I just admire the woman a lot.

One of the things of Frida's look that inspire me the most, is the way she wore her hair. With the center-part braids, flowers and intertwined colorful ribbons, et cetera. When I freshly dyed my hair I love to wear it this way (only when my hair is freshly dyed, as I think center braids with a blonde hair outgrowth don't look so charming).

The unhappier Frida was, the more adornment she wore. Frida loved to receive people in her bohemian and artistic home and when she was not feeling well, she would still get all dressed up in her iconic look. She refused to go downstairs in her pajamas or leave the house without her famous hairstyle. The way Frida looked was considered very unfashionable and ridiculous in 1940s Mexico, but Frida couldn't care less. It made her happy and that's what mattered to her.

Since I am suffering from quite a tough to beat depression lately I have a hard time dressing up and especially receiving people in my home (I actually also have a hard time receiving people in my home when I am not depressed - but that's a whole different story about me being an introvert ;-)), but I look up to Frida's persuasion in finding creative ways to make herself happy. She never gave up and she kept fighting till the bitter end.

Whenever I can I use her technique of 'the unhappier, the more adornment' on myself when feeling unwell, and yes, it really does give me strength when I find the willpower to drag my body out of bed, dress it glamorously and take care of it and participate in the world; it's quite a task when you have no energy left, and it doesn't always work, but when I did it, it feels all the more victorious! The flower crowns help a lot with it, they really cheer me up just like they used to when I made them from common daisies with my friends.

Do you love to wear flowers in your hair?

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  1. Well, look what is "fresh out of the press"!
    So happy to see you're posting, despite having a wave of depression happening to you, dear Lindsay. As hard as it may be, a little bit of "hello, I'm here" does help (or so I'm told by the ones wiser than me). :)
    Oh, it has been so long since I've done something like that, to be honest. Last few years, I only do it once a year, on August 2nd (now celebrated as St. Ivan the Thundering, by Orthodox Church - before known as the Day of Perun, by the Old Folks)
    As for the second part of your post - YES, letting people just roam around your home, interrupting your daily schedule and (in a way) corrupting the living space is a BIG DEAL for an introvert - I'd know, since I am one, and _I live on my own. :)

    Do write more.
    My best.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Marija, it's always good to hear from you! I do of course, have the occasional visits from people, but I'd always rather go to them rather than have them coming to me. That way I can choose whenever I want to go home to crawl back into my introverted shell again ;-)


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